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Court Church Cipur



At the place of the destroyed bishopric of Zeta Metropolitan and temple of Ivan Crnojevic from fifteenth century, the last Montenegrin sovereign Nikola I Petrovic Njegoš began in 1886 construction of the new Court Church. This building, however, had to be demolished due to poor workmanship.


Construction of the church has been restored under the king's supervision in 1890 and the works were entrusted to Miloš Lepotic. The church dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin was built of white stone, and extremely valuable iconostasis was made by Russian painters of the late nineteenth century. Above the door was also set ruler donor’s label.


Cipur was proclaimed cultural monument in 1961 (the decision no. 01-738/1 of 3 July), and after the statute of the National Museum of Montenegro from 2012 has become operational, this temple became part of the Historical Museum of Montenegro.


At the end of 80-ies archaeological excavations were conducted and on that occasion ruins of the old monastery complex founded by dynasty Crnojevic were discovered. In this place worked first Cyrillic printing press in the Balkans. The original columns and capitals were dislocated from the site into the permanent exhibition of the newly established Historical Museum, and in their place were set up the copies that can be seen today.


In 1989 the Court Church became Mausoleum of the last Montenegrin king Nichola and his wife Milena.


The preserved ruins of the old monastery and the new church represent today an integral architectural ensemble and an excellent tourist attraction.




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 Court Church in the photographs of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century

(old photographs and postcards from the collection of the Museum of King Nikola may be reproduced only with permission)


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